Search & Destroy Tier 3

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to take the chance."



  • Interior


TIER THREE: A TRUE SPARTAN "Sophisticatedly Austere"


The Search & Destroy Tier 3 model represents the true definition and foundation of what Search & Destroy stands for.  A true to the point tactical yet road worthy piece of equipment.  It is the simply refined warrior that is true to their purpose and point.  We like to describe our Tier 3 models like the famous Spartans from Greece.  They were very purposeful warriors, never overdressed but were the best warriors ever known for their simplistic approach.

Search & Destroy Tier 3 H1 Starting MSRP: $109,000


Engine & Drivetrain

  • 6.5L Turbocharged V8 Diesel Engine with 300 HP and 580 FT-LB Torque w/ Search & Destroy Tier 3 Performance Package
  • 4x4 Full-Time (All-Wheel Drive Permanent System)
  • ZEXEL Torsen II Torque-Biasing Differentials
  • New Venture Gear 242 Transfer Case 2.72/2
  • GM 4L80-E Automatic 4 Speed Automatic Gearbox

Exterior Reconnaissance and Tactical Options.

  • Search & Destroy Custom Forged T6061 Aluminum Monoblock Wheels with CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) 22" x 10"
  • Search & Destroy Badging
  • Search & Destroy Tier 3 Badging
  • Front End 12,000lb Winch Bumpers
  • Partial Coverage Front End Brush Guard Protection
  • Exterior LED Blinkers and Signal Lights
  • Projector Beam LED Headlights
  • 37" x 12.50" x 22" M/T Tires

Interior Reconnaissance and Tactical Options.

  • Search & Destroy Tactical Seating with Molles for storing tactical accessories, guns, holsters, knives, flashlights and more
  • Search & Destroy Driver Side Universal Quick-Draw Gun Holster
  • Search & Destroy Tier 3 Interior Package, Black Out Interior, Bronze Metal Grommet Seat Inserts and Tier 3 Floor Mats.
  • Search & Destroy Sound System with over 500 Watts of Power and Subwoofer
  • Search & Destroy Rear Jump Seat
  • Search & Destroy Tier 3 Radar Red LED Gauge Backlighting
  • Search & Destroy Tier 3 with Bronze Metal Grommet Inserts/Premium Cut Pile Carpeting and Floor Mats
  • LED Interior Courtesy Lighting
  • In-Dash Media Player with Apple CarPlay System
  • LED Interior Dome Lighting

Additional Available Options for Purchase

  •  Search & Destroy Fully Caged Rear Cargo Area.  Perfect for protecting valuable goods, storing wild animals or prisoners.
  • S-Pod Digital LED Accessory Switching System
  • LED Light Bars
  • PA System
  • Emergency Vehicle Siren System
  • 360 Degree Bird's Eye View Surround Camera System. Aids in slow speed parking maneuvers or off-road assistance.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera with Human & Animal Tracking System. The system also allows you to see hazards in pitch darkness while also functioning during the day. This system greatly outperforms any other night vision camera devices. Protected in a custom Search & Destroy reinforced housing.
  • Low Profile Full Length Roof Rack with aluminum floors. Roof rack supports 2,000lb of weight. Go prone of the roof or go camping on it.

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