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Search & Destroy H1 invades Sugar Land, TX City Hall

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Search & Destroy Tier 1 H1 invades Sugar Land, TX City Hall!  Actually it was here for a charity event to raise money.  The owner of this Search & Destroy Tier 1 is a very giving person that is a chairperson of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The clients that buys our products are very good people and put these tactical vehicles to good use.  Something we are proud of.
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Search & Destroy H1’s on National News ABC Nightline News

A client takes out a Search & Destroy H1 successfully during a massive flood in Texas!  He catches the eyes of National News Syndicate ABC Nightline News! EVS Motors Search & Destroy H1s fording water during as massive flood! CLICK HERE! ABC Nightline News Features the Search & Destroy H1
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